Yay! My Very First Blog.

So I am very new to all this so please, bear with me while I learn the ropes...

My Current View


I am currently frantically trying to finish up about 100 things at the same time getting ready for several game releases before the holidays! But, at the top of my list is finishing my newest game app "Get Off My Planet" ("GOMP" for short) that I am entering into the 20th Annual Independent Games Festival (IGF) this year and it's my first time so, obviously, I'm a bit nervous.


I have been working on this particular game for approximately 3 months now... remember, I am a #teamofone so I am doing this all -- by -- myself! Ahhhh! On average I spend about 10 hours straight a day in my super comfy swivel chair, eyes glued to the computer screen creating, testing, writing, testing, programming, testing, recording, testing, testing, and re-testing games. I think you get the idea. LOTS OF TESTING. At the moment I am finishing up the final tests on "GOMP" and am feeling very confident in my creation, as well as proud.

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