About Whata Hoot Game Designs

Get to know Whata Hoot Game Designs, LLC, a top game development/design studio located in Pittsburgh, PA. We’re movers, shakers and game-makers. Our design studio was newly founded  in early 2018, and our fanbase has been quickly growing. We are proud to bring you a number of world-class games and innovations for a wide audience of happy gamers. Let us know what we can do for you (suggestions are welcome), and read on to learn more about our amazing team!

Meet the WAH Team




I am the founder of Whata Hoot Game Designs, LLC but I'm not gonna take all the credit. I have my awesome family and some truly amazing friends here to pay tribute to for supporting my dream to create great game apps for a living. Not an easy task or goal to have, but I believe all the hours and hours of hard work and countless microwave meals will be well worth it in the end.  




I know you're thinkin... hey, isn't this the same girl? Sure is.

I come up with a majority of the game ideas you see here at "WAH Games" (my company nickname). Although, my 6-year-old daughter also has some super fantastic game concepts that are, at times, extremely challenging, but who doesn't enjoy a good challenge? As I am still a noob in this industry, I am always open to learning new things. My goal is to bring you fun games that are unique, complete, and  spectacular.




Yep, it's me again! Artsy-fartsy me. Anything artistic, I do as well. Got a character idea, pitch it to me and I'll bring it to life. All the colorful, eye-catching game graphics you see (for the most part) are create or altered by, yep... yours truly.